Lofoten APA

American Pale Ale (4,7%)

Lofoten APA (American Pale Ale) is our version of this classic recipe.

APA has formed the backbone of the American craft beer movement since its arrival in 1980 and has kept its characteris- tic mild flavour by not falling into the pitfall of overdoing ingredients in the hopes of giving it a stronger character.

Lofoten Pale Ale is lighter than the original due to the water in Lofoten and the aftertaste is therefore short to medium.

Lofoten Pale Ale works well as a starter or with light grilled food. It is also the perfect companion to 'Skrei Mølje' a traditional dish from Lofoten consisting og fresh Barents Sea Cod served with cod liver and roe. Try it in combination with Cheddar cheese or apple pie type desserts.


Mountain water from Lofoten, malt, hops and yeast.
Best served at
4,7 ABV
4-6 °C
Lofotpils Lofoten APA, American Pale Ale (4,7%)