Pilsner (4,7%)

Trollfjord hints at the myth of the historic events which took place in this spectacular narrow fjord in 1890. The front label is adorned with artwork by renowned Lofoten artist, Kaare Espolin Johnson, and interprets the peace and tranquility after the dramatic Trollfjord battle.

The label is also signed with Kaare’s own unique handwriting.

Trollfjord is a pilsner, light and fresh with slightly more bitterness to its character then our Lofotpils.

Trollfjord is a great starter, easily paring with many food dishes and also as a good quencher together with good friends.


Mountain water from Lofoten, malt, hops and yeast.
Best served at
4,7 ABV
4-6 °C
Lofotpils Trollfjord, Pilsner (4,7%)